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by Chris

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Ta tni san pita set klnvirthb crit dilm. Tni
cmlc ku. Mt tasi lstvos ku.

Pita ta c cnc barzs cm. Hemos hb san ta crit
n, vn t. Bs dmi n, hemos tin cmlc tni .

n intlg mo enrou hemos leg.

Ncmbin hemos s, t nlrit. Z lrit z nlrit s n,
t z nlrit z lrit s n. Ush barzs tni n cmlc,
ta dr hemos cmlc. Ta tni n hlyn , z hlyn
z barzs .

Hamen s z hlyn z barzs ? Svi ku: Mn ls h
c cnsi t. Cn hemos, hemo hemos prcsim kln t
crit dilm; cn hemos, hemo kasta hemosi pd; cn
hemos, hemo hemos kasta cn lag - tiu, ta jr n

Hemo s tsh, bs hemo s n cn z barzs. Cn hemo,
ese s n san tni s. Ta estaba s."


You think that seven kill-moral-says make
problem/pain. Think of food. Care about your brothers.

You want to comand people to eat. They say that you
don't make, very so (an expression). But in sleep,
they think of food.

A smart man listens to them.

Ununited they are, and wrong. The right is in the
wrong, and the wrong is in the right. If people have
no food, you give them food. You think of one god, the
god of the people.

Who is the god of the people? Look (was behold): Many
until now(perfect idiom) want to know it. With them,
he nearly kills them and causes pain/problem; with
them, he hits their leg; with them, he hits them with
up-water (rain) - then you cannot speak.

He is here, but he is not with the people. With him, I
am not that thinks there is(to be is used). You are stupid.