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History of the Rhean Language
Kronorad Rheava Izkar


External History
Internal History

External History:
Bektreniksoi Kronorad

    The Rhean language in its earliest form had no name, grammar or vocabulary. It started as a gibberish meant to give a certain look to signs, billboards, etc. in the background of a comic. At this early stage, I developed the look of the Rhean typeface (here). I started scribbling words in the nameless language. Often at school I'd fill a margin or the back side of a sheet of paper with those all-caps, hacek-festooned words. Then, for the sake of consistency, I started banging together some grammar. Soon it got out of control.
    Over the last few years, Rhean has been influenced by whatever language I happened to be studying at the time, as well as by some abandoned conlangs that I scrapped and salvaged for parts. The language now contains words, inflections and structures ripped off from Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Estonian, Czech, English, and even Esperanto, along with a lot of stuff made up from scratch. There are even a few words that came in from Irish via an old conlang called Barse. Many of these rips are shamelessly transparent; I figured since none of those languages exist on Rhea's Earth, there was no need to apply consistent sound changes or explain the word as 'borrowed'. Some of the ripped words were given fictional, or "internal" etymologies, showing that they come from Old Rhean, or Omurax, or some other language of that world.
    Since discovering the Conlang mailing list and all the other constructed languages' websites out there, I've thought that Rhean was not yet an "official" conlang until it could have its own website. This simple site was a long, long time in the making. Some time way the hell back in 2001 or 2002 I started putting together a grammar description, and in 2002 I promised some people on a Yahoo group that the site would be ready within a couple of weeks. But there's always been other obligations, and making a website was a low low priority. Finally putting the damn thing up is a big load off the shoulders, and it'll probably be a long time before the other major languages of Rhea's world are described in detail.

Internal History
Iktreniksoi Kronorad

(still under construction)

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