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Rheava Izka

    Rhean is a fictional language. I made the whole thing up for a comic book which may or may not ever get published. The whole language-creation thing is still pretty obscure, so I know there's not much chance that someone who's reading this site hasn't heard of constructed languages before. But if this really is your first encounter with a made-up language, I'm sorry I don't have a good excuse for it except that it's an art form, and that I'm not the only one who's doing this. Don't believe me? Check the links page for more. Or, read on.
    Rhean is one of the major languages of a parallel Earth that shares no cultural connection with our own. It's Earth, and it's populated by humans, but none of the civilisations that existed in our history ever existed there. The natural history is the same*, but none of the human history is the same. All the countries, cultures, religions and languages are different. The Rhean language is spoken in Rhea, Ossica, and Rhea's present and former colonies. The nation of Rhea itself was once the center of a vast colonial empire, but in the last century and particularly in the last fifty or sixty years the old empire has decayed into obsolescence.
Maybe. At this point I'm not sure if the continents are the same there as they are here. There's reason to believe that they are not.
The following pages are a grammar of the Rhean language. It's pretty big. If you're already familiar with the art of language creation, then please enjoy my largest and most complete language project. If this is your first look at a conlang, then welcome to my insane hobby.

    Introduction and Conventions
    Alphabet and Phonology
    Nouns and Declension
    Adjectives and Adverbs
    Question Words and Demonstratives
    Sentence Structure
    Relative Clauses
Bells and whistles:
    Verb Prefixes
The Rhean dictionary. (Excel spreadsheet)

Some Rhean texts:
    Babel Text
    Bokononist Last Rites
    What Keeps Mankind Alive?

Coming eventually:
Notes on culture
Other languages of Rhea's Earth