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Grna Cepperjoleddicg
by Zeke Fordsmender

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~ Ynn ~

~ Ynn wrr lyfan, ada ae gexe sivuna scsuland rwer wundan bringan
Uver made bng ia Ynn scsuler broersluficg wissan ~

~ Ynn scsuler willan, ada Ynn gdgger sieim afdra duad iddane Siau
gdggand misso missoe, ada e sgppa' Ycg ni, ada e sgppaa ni ia
Aan siau drymand uver made an ~

~ And aaew Snuder gyr ia ~

~ Ainain sind siau iag wryngon ana sell inn adan lygg iag adan lygg
inn ana sell ande er snsse mad, Ynn scsuler yddanumir sie mad
jiffan an Lyf ann yddangu ~

~ Vha'r sa yddangu Sai, ada mnga'v yddane seiggun wearand
aennoe wryng e ae yddane rm aennoe bluwu e sie byn
aennoe fll rinn du wlidd-rwynn iag your iaern gaaldaas mi fybbe
iag Ynn mir ni cwian ~

~ E f'er jinn, aan er snsse ann yddan adnae gyraa'ch, ada Ynn
lyfer ni Drn Ynn ~


You used to believe that the seven curses should hurt you. Think about
food. You should be philanthrophic.

You should want to tell them to eat again. They tell each other that he did
not create you, that he does not create! But then they dream about food.

Listen to the wise!

They are alone and may twist the truth into lies and lies into truth. If
there is no food, you must give the people their food. Believe the people's

Who is the people's god? See that many people will see. With these things
he twists the people's arms. With these things he grabs their legs. With
these things rain falls on your face and your lips are sealed and you cannot

He exists here, but there are no humans. I heard this way that you do not
believe. You are a fool.


afdra, adv., backwards, once more, as previously.
ainain, adv., alone.
and, prep., against, to, with.
arm (pl. rm), fem., arm.
aan, conj., yet, however.
baina (pl. byn), neut., leg.
bngan, verb, think, consider.
bluwun, verb, to strike, scourge, grab a hold of, abuse, treat roughly.
broersluficg, adj., caring about one's kinsmen.
cwian, verb, to speak.
drn, adj., foolish, stupid (this is a very nasty insult).
dryman, verb, to dream, fantasize.
du, prep., to, at.
duad, adv., to, in order to.
e, pron., he.
ech, 'ch, pron., I.
fallan (e fll), verb, to fall.
gaaldan, verb, to keep: gaaldaas mi fybbe, idiom, to be secure, be held tight.
gdggan, verb, to tell, to inform.
gex, masc., evil spell, black magick.
ia, adv., yes; (this word may also be used to add emphasis to a statement, in which case the /a/ is pronounced as a schwa).
iaer (pl. iaern), masc., lip.
iag, conj., and.
, verb, to eat.
jiffan, verb, to give.
jinn, adv., here.
lyfan, verb, to believe.
lygg, neut., falsehood.
mad, masc., meat, food.
magan (u mir (mi'r), e mig), verb, to be able to.
misso misso, pron., each other (only the second declines, and it declines as a Type II Masculine noun).
mnga, adv. : mnga'v yddane, coll., many men.
ni, adv., no, not.
rinn, neut., rain.
, det., the (see table below).
sai, interj., look! behold! lo!
scsulan, verb, to ought to, to have to, to be obliged.
seiggun, verb, to see.
sell, fem., truth.
sgppan, verb, to make, create.
siau, pron., they (see table below).
sivuna, num., seven (7).
snssan/snsse, prep., without, lacking, -less.
snuder, adj., wise.
ada, conj., that (da).
ande... ... an, conj., if... then...
yddan, masc., humanity, people, mankind at large.
yddangu, masc., a god of the people, henothesistic deity.
uver, prep., over (here, about).
vha, inter., who?
wearan, verb, to be(come); (future auxiliary).
willan, verb, to want.
wissan, verb, to be (see table below).
wlidd, fem., surface (of objects), face (of people and animals).
, to wring, throttle, strangle.
wundan bringan, idiom, to hurt, cause pain.
Ynn, pron., 2nd person singular/plural formal (always takes a singular verb) (see table below).

The Second Person Formal Pronoun
N: Ynn
A: Ycg
D: rwer
G: rwynn
(I: rwinne)

The Third Person Plural
N: siau
A: siaew
D: sieim
G: sie
(I: sienne)

The Demonstrative/Definite Article
Masc. : Fem. : Neut. : Plural
N: sa : so : ad : aau
A: ann : ana : adan : aaew
D: onnum, -ir : nn, -ir, : annum, -ir : aeim, -im
G: anns : nner : adnas : ae
(I: sannae : snnoe : adnae : aennoe)

Conjugation of Type I Verbs
Present. Sing. Ind. Active : Dual : Plural

1: -a : -an : -am
2: -er : -az : -(a)
3: -(a) : -an : -and

Preterite. Sing. Ind. Active : Dual : Plural
1: -aa : -aan : -aon
2: -aer : -aaz : -aer
3: -aa : -aan : -aon

Conjugation of Type I Verbs
Present. Sing. Subj. Active : Dual : Plural
1: -e : -on : -on
2: -e : -e : -on
3: -e : -on : -on

Preterite. Sing. Subj. Active : Dual : Plural
1: -ae : -aon : -aon
2: -ae : -ae : -aon
3: -ae : -aon : -aon

Add -as for the passive.
A verb without a conjugational ending is the 2nd person singular imperative.

Declension of Type II Masculine Nouns
Singular : Plural
N: mad : mada
A: mad : mada(n)
D: made: madum
G: mader : made

Declension of Type IV Feminine Nouns
N: sell : selli
A: sell : selli
D: sellio : selliau
G: sellr : sellian

Declension of the Verb "Wissan"
am : arum
: s
er : sind

war : waron
wrr : wrr
war : waron